Free and Fair Elections in Texas  

What we are doing


  • Hand counting ballots - verification of elections

  • Voter Roll Audit/Canvassing in the counties

  • Reconciliation of Elections - Machine Results vs Election Judge Results


  • Petitions for you to Request Paper Ballots/Hand Count from your County Commissioners Court for your next election/primary

Petition your County Commissioner Court  


How we can take back control of Our Elections from the Commissioner Court and the Election Administrators/County Clerks


Sign Online Petitions to Choose to - 



Vote on Hand Marked Paper Ballots & Hand Count Ballots 


and No Electronic Poll Books (paper poll books)  

and if your county is a "Voting Center" you will need sign online petition to dissolve voting center so you can get rid of electronic equipment.  



Volunteer to be part of


Annual Voter Roll CleanUp  - 

Canvass (Audit) Voter Roll Annually

by Citizens of the County





Gold Standard of Voting


Vote on Election Day Only


Vote by Hand Marked Ballots & Hand Counted Ballots


Use Paper Poll Books

Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence 

Contact  -  Beverly Foley   cell 214-415-7154