Neighborhood Initiative Program

Start a Neighborhood Initiative in your community. A Neighborhood Initiative Program involves bringing neighbors together and provide beneficial information on the issues for our communities and our country.  A network of neighbors who can be a "resource" by sharing current information on the issues locally and nationally.  Some neighbors who stay in touch with the local meetings and elected officials can share their information with others in the network.  Encourage all in the network about contacting their elected representatives, whether it is joining an activist site that let's them send prepared letters either opposing or supporting an issue - "push a button activist role".  Or, if they want to be more active - how to personally contact their representatives by phone or email; join the network to get more direct communications; volunteer to attend local government meetings, etc.  Sharing what is going on locally in city/town council meetings ; what is happening at the school board and county commissioners' court; who is running for office; and who are they and what do they stand for benefits everyone.  Nationally, we can share updates on bills submitted into Congress and if action needs to be taken notify the network of any actions needed.  


Staying involved locally is what will keep our Country free!

Contact  -  Beverly Foley   cell 214-415-7154