Voter Roll Canvassing/Auditing in the Counties



With the assistance of researchers we are canvassing/auditing the voter rolls of any county who has a desire to organize in their county.


We do "digital canvassing" using the computer to look up voters and/or addresses to verify if they are eligible to vote based on the Texas Election Code.   If an address can't be verified by viewing online, then someone will drive to address to verify it is a "residence" that someone could live at.


Door Knocking Canvassing involves selecting voters addresses and driving to that address, knocking on their door and asking a few questions to verify the voter lives or has lived at that address.  


Verifying voters on the registration rolls will become an ongoing job for many of us.  For each upcoming election we will do our best to know that the registered voters on the rolls are actually eligible to vote.  

Contact  -  Beverly Foley   cell 214-415-7154

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